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How to Take Great Sex
Beyond Orgasm to Ecstasy

Whether you’re having great sex, ordinary sex, or boring
sex—it can be better. Everyone has the ability to experience ecstatic lovemaking.

Ecstatic lovemaking includes not only sensual and orgasmic bliss, but the soulful connection everyone longs for. Ellen Eatough, sexual healer, sexual counselor and workshop leader, can help you access sexual ecstasy on a consistent basis.

Ellen Eatough, MA, The Soulful Sex Coach

Ellen Eatough, MA Sex and Intimacy Expert

One of America’s top sex and intimacy experts, Ellen Eatough, MA is the founder of Extatica.com, “The Way to an Erotic, Ecstatic Love Life.” She is a certified hypnotherapist with a master’s degree in East-West Psychology.

Her wisdom combines ancient sacred lovemaking traditions, contemporary psychology, and cutting-edge sex research, and over the last 20 years she has been using innovative mind-body tools and techniques with private clients, in workshops, and products to help people:

  • Enjoy deep intimacy with ecstatic lovemaking
  • Bridge the deep-seated religious and cultural divide between their sexuality and spirituality
  • Heal sexual and relationship wounds and trauma

Innovative Products for Enhanced Lovemaking

Ellen integrates innovative technologies into her work. She has created unique products that harness vibrational frequencies, including sound, colored light, and subtle energy to support intimacy, joyful sexual expression, and sexual healing.

Her patent-pending, 4 Keys to Sexual Ecstasy includes the CD, Love Unbound, music for lovemaking infused with 74 layers of resonant frequencies that impact brainwave speed, emotions, and body for deeper intimacy and enhanced sexual response.

Fresh Ideas for U.S. Audiences

A dynamic speaker, Ellen informs and entertains audiences across the U.S. with in-depth, real-life stories and offers tips and techniques her fans can use immediately to improve their love lives.

She also brings emerging topics to the mainstream such as:

  • How Botox and antidepressants may be threatening marriages
  • The rising trend in sexless marriages depicted in the movie, Hope Springs, featuring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, and what couples can do about it

The Media Love Ellen!

With her engaging style, her comfort in front of the camera, and her insight into the human heart and physiology, Ellen is ready-made for media interviews.  She has been interviewed on national media including Playboy Radio and many terrestrial and internet radio shows. Read about her broad media experience.

Learn Ellen’s Personal Story

Ellen’s background as a mind-body healer plus her own transcendent sexual experiences catapulted her into the quest to help others enjoy ecstatic love lives. Read all about it.