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LOVE UNBOUND: Music for Better Sex

Specially treated music for lovemaking infused with Auditory PheromonesTM (74 layers of resonant frequencies) to enhance intimacy and sexual response. 2CDs derived from CDs 4 & 5 in the “4 Keys to Sexual Ecstasy” system, below.

Customers who play this music while making love report many benefits, including:

Love Unbound Product

  • Heightened libido and arousal rates,
  • Increased passion and physical pleasure,
  • Easier orgasms and multiple orgasms for women,
  • Greater spontaneity and less inhibition during lovemaking,
  • Enhanced emotional intimacy, and
  • Better and more open communication about sexual needs and desires.

The second CD, “For Everyday Use,” has the same music as the “Music for Lovemaking,” but with a slightly different formula of resonant frequencies. This allows for alertness and clarity during everyday activities while enjoying the cumulative benefits of heart-opening and freedom from limiting patterns.

4 KEYS TO SEXUAL ECSTASY: Experience Soulful Connection with Spine-Tingling Sex

This patent-pending lovemaking enhancement system, includes:

Extatica Four Keys Product

  • CDs 1 & 2: The Living Room Seminar:
    Detailed instruction to help you experience deeper intimacy and hotter sex. Also learn how to overcome four common obstacles to intimacy.
  • CD 3: The Bedroom Seminar:
    This guided experience, set to the special music for lovemaking, begins with a joyful experience of wordless deep intimacy. It then segues into sensual massage and energy-building foreplay, all the while incorporating the 4 Keys to Sexual Ecstasy you learned about in the Living Room Seminar into your physical and emotional experience with your partner.
  • CD 4: Love Unbound: Specially treated music for lovemaking (no words) with 74 layers of resonant frequencies to enhance intimacy and sexual response
  • CD 5: Love Unbound: The same music as CD 4 with a slightly different formula of resonant frequencies to promote clarity, heart-opening and freedom from limiting patterns.
  • 4 Keys to Sexual Ecstasy – transcript of CDs 1 & 2 formatted into a book
  • 3 Live Coaching and Q&A calls

BEYOND ORGASM: How to Have a More Deeply Connected Sexual Experience

Beyond Orgasm

Audio CD, mp3, and eBook to transform ordinary sex into extraordinary lovemaking. Loads of practical information plus 21 tips and techniques you can try immediately to:

  • Expand your orgasmic potential
  • Cultivate head-to-toe erotic pleasure
  • Experience deeper intimacy (without a lot of talk)


REVITALIZE YOUR SEX LIFE:  How to Transform Ordinary Sex into Extraordinary Lovemaking (weekend workshop for couples)

In this fun and expansive workshop, you and your partner will discover new realms of pleasure and intimacy. You’ll learn ways to make love that are deeply fulfilling on all levels, heart, soul and physical, thus enlivening all areas of your life.


Ecstasy Maxfield Parrish

An 8-Week Sexual Healing Program to release guilt, shame, pain, betrayal, heartbreak, repression and restrictions due to past sexual and relationship wounding or trauma, so you can break through and BE FREE!

In addition to conventional training methods, this program utilizes individualized protocols for viewing streaming colored light and guided meditations. Interactive healing sessions also take place while participants view colored fields online, and are guided through processes which include eye movement and breath work.

Participants release limiting patterns long-held in the body and mind and learn new ways of relating with themselves and others. This results in healthier and more fulfilling relationships of all kinds and more spontaneous sex with deeper intimacy with a partner.

HOW TO OPEN YOURSELF TO TRANSCENDENT SEX (2-3 hour workshop; includes participatory exercises)

Sacred Sex Conference

Ellen Eatough at the International Conference on Sacred Sexuality, Santa Fe, NM

THE SOUNDS OF SEXUAL ECSTASY:  It’s Not What You Think! (90 minute seminar; includes participatory exercises)


PRIVATE SESSIONS (via phone or skype) for individuals and couples to address sexual and/or relationship issues, and sexual healing.