About Ellen

Ellen Eatough, MAEllen Eatough, MA, also known as “The Soulful Sex Coach,” is the founder and CEO of Extatica.com. She is a certified hypnotherapist with a master’s degree in East-West Psychology, which is a marriage of western psychology and eastern spiritual traditions. Over the last twenty years she has helped many thousands of people enjoy better sex with deeper intimacy.

Ellen has developed innovative technologies and methods to help people connect deeply with their spiritual source through sexuality and intimate relationships. Since 1991, she has been using vibrational frequencies, including sound, colored light and subtle energy, to help clients release and heal from sexual and relationship trauma.

She is the producer of the patent-pending lovemaking enhancement system “4 Keys to Sexual Ecstasy.” It includes the CD “Love Unbound,” which offers enhanced music for lovemaking. (This music has been infused with 74 layers of
 resonant frequencies, which can have beneficial effects on brainwave speed, emotions, and the body). A research study with over 200 subjects is currently underway to assess the many reported sexual and intimacy benefits people have reported they experience when playing this music while making love.

Ellen’s Story

Ellen describes her work this way, “In very practical ways, I help people move toward fulfilling intimate relationships and ecstatic lovemaking, which I describe as a whole-body experience of physical bliss, emotional intimacy, and a sense of spiritual union.”

After several years of the mind-body healing and release work with clients, she suddenly began having dramatic encounters with sexual-spiritual ecstasy—so dramatic that she became a research subject in Dr. Jenny Wade’s study resulting in her book, Transcendent Sex: When Lovemaking Opens the Veil. Ellen’s first impulse was to help others experience this expansive new realm she was discovering.

This lead her on a mission to understand what it is that leads to truly ecstatic lovemaking so she can help people access it on a consistent basis. To this end, she has spent years researching ancient sacred lovemaking traditions, contemporary psychology, and cutting-edge sex research.

She began integrating and translating this information to reach today’s lovers. Ellen incorporates vibrational tools into her workshops and easy-to-use media products to help individuals and couples enhance their love lives easily and rapidly.

Her larger mission is to help heal the pervasive cultural “wound” that typically splits our sexuality and our spiritual lives. Her dream is to help us all cultivate the powerful energies of sexuality and an undefended heart so we can fully experience our divine nature in all of life.